Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm Annoyed.

Thought I would vent through my blog.

I am annoyed at how terrible our society has become. For example, I keep seeing people's engagements on facebook. Not the pictures after they have become engaged, but the pictures of the man asking the woman to marry him. Hello, this is such a private, precious moment and it is ruined by cameras. It's like we live our lives now to be in pictures to show everyone else. Sorry, but I guess I'm an old fashioned girl who still believes that marriage, love, and romance is sacred.

Ahh, I feel better now. Thanks.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

The week

What a week it has been.

I started a new job on Monday at the Midland Women's clinic. It has been going really great. I was loving life until Tuesday afternoon when my throat started feeling scratchy and my nose started running. It went down hill from there. Wednesday morning I felt terrible and finally took my temperature around 10 at work. It was almost 100. I decided it was best to stay home after lunch and take a nap. So of course today, Thursday, from 8-12 is the first day of my summer school class and I missed it in hopes that sleeping in a bit will get me through the afternoon at work. But don't worry, I am on antibiotics now and will hopefully get to feeling better. I can't believe I missed 1/2 a day at work and a day of summer school all in the first week of both! Ahh! I hope this doesn't keep up.

Tim is still loving life at CSI--no he is not a crime solver! They actually had a big cookout today so he got a free steak lunch. What's not to love about that?

Little Jinx is great. She is enjoying the hot days inside and the cooler nights outside. It's a nice break because she used to sleep inside with us at night and she'd wake me up a couple times. Now I can sleep soundly unless my dripping nose wakes me up first.

Enjoy the coming weekend!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We had a great time this week at the lake with some family friends.

I drove down with my parents on Friday and we stopped at some neat shops along the way. Tim, Spencer and Josiah drove down Saturday to join up with the group. We stayed with my "second parents" at their lake house-David and Elaine Miller who were our neighbors in Abilene and have 2 boys Spencer's age. They practically helped raise me and I love them to death! We had a great time skiing, tubing and just cruising around. We taught Josiah how to ski! He did really well getting up on only the second try. We had the roughest water most of the time so our ski runs were slightly short. I think we all fell on the waves a couple times. I am so SORE! We were also joined by my other "second parent's" the Henderson's who have a daughter my age who was my childhood best friend! Saturday night we watched lots of fireworks. It was like a panoramic view watching all the people around the lake show off their fireworks! Hopefully I will get some pics from mom soon!

Hope everyone had a great fourth!