Saturday, August 20, 2011


I think it's easier to blog when you have a cup of coffee next to you--though I'm not sure what I do is actually called blogging--it's more like . . . rambling? Not sure. Interesting. So we survived another week in record heat. I got my Southern Living magazine yesterday that had fall colors all over the front cover with some kind of fall bunt cake. It made me feel like there is no way on earth we will ever make it out of summer and into fall. How could the temperature ever drop below 100? I'm trying so hard not to let myself think of sweaters and long-sleeve t-shirts just yet, seeing as how I'm melting in my own home. I hope someday I will live somewhere that actually has "seasons". Somewhere where you don't need to look at a calendar to tell you it's August because it really feels like July--where you actually watch the seasons changing instead of going straight from 100 degrees to 50 degrees, then back to sweltering.
So anyway, I have a list of probably 10 things I'm putting off right now, but this is my favorite part of the weekend. Major and I get up first on Saturdays and let Tim sleep in. It's the time when the house is quiet, the sun is shining, and I only have my coffee and my mind or book to think about. No work, no chores, no noise (except my iTunes on occasion). Just me . . . waiting for Tim to get his sleepy head out of bed. It's fun waiting for him, because it makes it even better when he finally does get up.

Speaking of, he just woke up. That's my cue.

Caught by a wave my back to the ocean.
It knocks me off my feet and
just as I find my footing
here you come again


Sunday, August 7, 2011


There is no place on earth that could possibly be hotter than Midland, Texas. I am convinced. It hasn't been lower than 102 for the past million days, I swear. The only thing rescuing my mind from going absolutely bananas while trapped indoors to prevent evaporating are books. Several books actually. Actually, I didn't really realize how much I like to read. I'm not in to the whole bettering yourself/educational books or (gasp) religious books. They lose my interest by about page 0.5. I read the last Harry Potter book, again, before going to see the movie--which wasn't everything I hoped it would be, but then again, the movies are never as good as the books. I also read all 4 Twilight saga books--and then read the first one again--and plan on reading the other 3 again. I fought society on those for a long time refusing to read something 15-year-old girls across the world were obsessed with--and lost. They are really very good. Fiction, of course, but wonderful. I'm going to force my daughter to read them someday so she never settles. I've also used my indoor time to watch a TV show--Vampire Diaries (ignore the trend, I'm not nuts). It's good too. I think I've decided I really like the whole "damsel in distress", protective mate idea. It's a good thing I'm married to a hunk with big muscles and a to-die-for face. It also doesn't hurt that I have a ridiculously over-protective doberman pinscher who guarded me like a hawk while my hunk with big muscles was out of town for very long week. Too much time alone = crazy book nerd. Too bad my nursing school books fall under the bettering yourself/education books or I would be very smart. I have a trend of doing all of my homework on my lazy Sunday. This keeps me from thinking about it for the rest of the week.

A new week. I can't say I'm that excited about it considering my phone tells the temperatures are all varying degrees of one-o-something. But, I will press on because I have another book ready to go--The Host--by the same author of Twilight. Sweet.

Enjoy your week. Don't evaporate.