Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Hiccup

I'm sorry that there's been a HUGE hiccup in my blogging awesomeness but let me just tell you about the past 3 weeks:

--we moved into our house
--we continued to move into our new house
--we forgot to get the internet switched over
--we made an appointment to get the internet switched over
--the day we were supposed to get the internet switched over Tim was on a rig call in the booneys and didn't have service to answer their call
--I got a stomach bug and spent a night in the hospital and 3 days recovering
--NOW WE HAVE INTERNET AND I'M TOO TIRED TO BLOG (I just wrote BLAG and had to back-up)

So this is the band aid on my blogging booboo's. I will fix it hopefully in the next few days and catch you up on our lives. I know everyone is DYING to know. Ha, not really.