Monday, September 24, 2012

Pregnancy. Part I.

Have I really been pregnant for 8 months?! That's 2/3 of a year. Holy cow. I shouldn't make cow jokes right now. 

So what's it been like? Let me tell you. Caution: i'm not shy, you may not want all the details I might give you.

I actually found out I was pregnant in February at 3-1/2 weeks. The first thing that tipped me off was my nose. I could smell everything. I remember washing a white bra in bleach with the other whites, wearing it to work the next day, and being able to smell the bleach . . . ?! Yup. I also had a little spotting, which never happens. So one night while family was over eating, I got a call from my grandmother, excused myself from the table and went to my bedroom to talk to her. With nothing better to do I thought "well, let's just pee on this thing for fun". Yes, I peed on a stick while on the phone with my Grandmother. This is what I saw:

Yippee. Nothing really explains the thoughts or emotions that go on when you see that second little line. I went back to dinner with the fam like nothing was new (holy crap!). After everyone left and the kitchen was cleaned I went to my bedroom and wrote a little diddy for Tim. A few minutes later I called him into the bedroom and told him I had someone to introduce him to.

He was speechless for a few seconds, looked a bit confused, then it registered and we laughed and jumped for a few minutes. That was fun. The next day I went to work and told my designated doctor's nurse that I thought I was pregnant but had had some spotting and wanted to do blood work to make sure all was good. My progesterone level was a tad low so they recommended I take a synthetic progesterone pill every night for the first trimester especially due to the spotting. 

Tim and I decided that we wanted to keep this a secret until at least 8-10 weeks along in case of anything happening. I have to admit, it's kind of fun having a secret with only your husband--makes you feel a sort of distinction among your peers. 

Look! A squiggly shape . . . 

Week 6-14----THAT'S 8 WEEKS-----welcome morning sickness! Which is not really morning sickness. It's just all-day nausea. I was one sick girl. I remember telling my boss that I thought I had a stomach bug. He said "Katherine, you're pregnant". I remember thinking wait, I thought morning sickness was a bit of nausea with certain smells and foods. Nope, this was the type of nausea where I scouted every trash can in every room I entered, kept a plastic bag in my purse and car and basically felt miserable. I tried everything anyone told me. The only thing that made eating possible was Zofran, every 8 hours. I only actually threw up a dozen or so times but felt awful enough that I lost about 5 pounds from not eating. People said to eat crackers and then I would feel better--didn't work. It was better to just not eat and pray the Zofran kicked in soon so I could try to eat something. It's bad when you take a deep breath just to feel normal for 0.5 seconds. Needless to say, I spent many moments with the Lord begging for patience and help. 

We decided it was time to tell my parents because we had family coming in town and my mom would probably notice that I never ate. So late one night after a hockey game in early March, around 7 weeks, we told my dad we had a birthday present for him (his birthday is in October). We told him we'd planned a trip for him--a trip to the hospital to see his grandbaby! Her due date is actually on his birthday, 10-21-12. My mom immediately said "I knew it!". How do they know these things? My dad looked confused for a minute so I said "I'm pregnant", then he got it. It was a fun night--until I started feeling like throwing up again. We swore my parents to secrecy until later in March when Tim's entire family came to Midland for his sister's wedding. We told them after the wedding. This will be grandbaby #1 for both sides of the families.

Here's 11 weeks. It's in 4d so some parts (like the neck) look see-through . . . 

 So that gets you to 14 weeks. The rest is coming.

Before you judge and think I'm weird for doing this, just know it's mostly so I can remember my pregnancy and print this off for the baby book or just to have.