Sunday, December 2, 2012

Madison arrives.

She's here! Our girl arrived fashionably late on October 23, 2012 weighing in at 7 pounds 8 ounces and 19-1/2 inches long with quite a bit of dark colored hair. We named her Madison Lee. Madison is a name Tim and I fell in love with even before we were married and Lee was my great-grandfather's name and is my middle name.

So if you're like me you would love to hear about her birth. Here goes . . .

(Reader discretion is advised)

October 23, 2012: (total labor time = 6 hours)

0500 - arrived at the hospital dilated to 4 cm and 75% effaced

0900 - Dr. Locke broke my water - here come contractions

1045 - dilated to 5 cm. Dr. Locke makes the decision to start Pitocin (boo) due to risk of infection with water already broken

Contractions with pit

1100 - decision made to get epidural due to Pit causing continuous contractions with no break in between (ow)

1130 - epidural (sighhh)

1200 - dilated to 10 cm . . . time to start pushing

1230 - pushing. Baby's heart rate began rapidly dropping during and after pushes despite wearing oxygen

1245 - found out baby was face up

1300 - still pushing. Heart rate continues to drop dramatically

1315 - throwing up. 

1325 - apparently throwing up helped baby turn face down

1345 - still pushing. Heart rate not improving. Began having to take breaks from pushing to allow heart rate to stabilize. 

1400 - throwing up again

1420 - began discussing options because baby was not being easily pushed out and heart rate was too concerning

1430 - Dr. Locke decides forceps are best first option. Emergency c-section if forceps do not work in the next few minutes

1457 - BABY 

So apparently the umbilical cord was wrapped once around her neck and once around her shoulder causing her to be sucked back in after pushes. The strain on the cord was also causing the drop in heart rate. Also, I seemed to be really sensitive to Pit because I dilated from 5-10 on the lowest, slowest dose and in only 30 minutes. I most likely was getting my epidural while already dilated to a 10. Thank God for epidurals is all I can say -- forceps are not easy on your body :-)

Hope you enjoyed that. I have more updating to do soon to bring you up to speed on our life at the moment.