Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good Evening.

Hey everyone!

It's been a great week here. First we started off with Thanksgiving lunch in Lubbock last Saturday. It was the only day my cousin could be off, so we worked with her schedule and ate some early turkey! I baked a dessert called Sopapilla Cheesecake and it was YUMMY! You all need the recipe. After school on Monday and Tuesday I had the rest of the week off. Unfortunately Tim only had Thursday off, but it was wonderful to spend a whole entire day with him. On Thursday, the official Turkey day, we went to my parents house to have even more turkey with mom and dad, Granny, Josiah, and Spencer. Oh my goodness there was SO much food! We enjoyed visiting, playing games, and watching some good football. After that, we wheeled ourselves home and attempted to roll into bed.

So, now that Thanksgiving was over, it was time to get the lights on the house and the tree decorated--which we did in 2 days. Oh yes, it was a busy 2 days but we got it all done by golly. I can't stress enough how much I absolutely love Christmas and ALL that it entails. After decorating over at mom and dad's I got to decorate our place. Twice the fun. There wasn't much I could do seeing that we live in an apartment, but I put up a 4 foot tree, hung stockings--even one for Jinx :)--and put up just about every other decoration I could find, without making it look tacky of course.

Today was quite a lazy Sunday for us. Tim is under the weather--fever, aches, chills and a headache to top it off. We skipped out on church so he could stay home and rest as well as keep his germs to himself. We got him some antibiotics so hopefully he will be back to 100% soon. I hate when he gets sick! I feel so helpless. There is only so much soup I can make and medicines I can give him. As I write, my adorable little kitten is napping on my lap. She thanked me personally earlier today for hanging a stocking for her. She asked Santa to bring her some catnip toys and lots of food because she is a big fat pig. I love her so much!

Well that is all from me for now. I am very excited for the change in weather so we can actually experience a little bit of winter! I hope it snows soon!

As always I thank my Daddy for purring kittens and Christmas decor, and pray that He continue to put in my heart the real reason of Christmas.

Stay warm!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Finally Updating

HI! I am finally updating our blog. So sorry. Life just seems to come in cycles of craziness.

First, I have pictures of the adorable kitty we adopted. We finally gave her a name. We were hesitant until we knew she would stay around. Ready . . . JINX. I have a habit of naming my cats after Bond Girls. Jinx is from Die Another Day. My cat at home is Domino from Thunderball. (Yes I am a nerd.) It has all worked out perfectly because she comes in when I am home, and happily exits when I leave and during the night. This means we don't technically have a cat when it comes to the apartment people! She is such a joy to me. I enjoy having her around after school when I have nothing to do around the house. She likes to nap in my lap which is a first for me with cats. I have always tried to get my past cats to lay in my lap and cuddle, but none of them would. She is still warming up to Tim however. She likes to spring about 2 feet in the air when he walks in the room. It's quite hilarious actually. She's just not sure about him being bigger and louder than me :) Here are some pictures of her cuteness:

She likes playing with her beads

Well happy day because I have given up cokes. And most caffeine. I have been surviving on blessed Starbucks tea. It is sooo good. I never wanted to drink it when I worked there because I had access to the cofee, but now I love the black tea. I am trying to see if the caffeine from cokes is what has been causing my ever more frequent migraines. It wasn't as hard to give up cokes as I thought it would be. I guess when your head is hurting so bad that you get nauseas, it gives you some good motivation.

Well the parents left for China last Sunday on the 1st. I've gotten 2 emails from mom letting me know that they are okay. She said the food is actually really good and the hotel is nice. I think they were expecting some kind of ghetto China where they made you sleep on a mat and eat dog. Let's just say they have been happily surprised. Lol. They go to see the terracotta army tomorrow. . . jealous! That sounds awesome! I can't wait for them to come home though. I miss them.

Tim started his new job at TLR & Sons this Monday. So far so great. He really seems to enjoy it. I really enjoy the fact that he gets home at 5:30 everyday instead of 6 one day, 6:45 the next, 5:49 the next. . . you never knew. God has really provided and taken care of us through this season, but should we have excpected any different? I know there we times when we doubted but we have tried to remain faithful and trust in the One and only True thing.

We had a great time Thursday night catching up with the Tilands. We played a couple games and ate dinner together. They also told us their amazing news: they are expecting again! Yay! I am telling you, I love pregnant people. I told Angela that there is a chance I might get to be her nurse because she is due in June and I graduate in May! Awesome! We are so excited for them. I also need to give her a public apology for not giving her any of the pumpkin cookies I made in a past post. I promise i'll make it up to you!

Well that's all from me today. I hope you can live with this update for a while seeing as how I am slow at posting!

As always, I praise our faithful King for kitties, tea, pregnant people (I know I have said this one before, but without them I would be very sad), and great jobs.