Thursday, May 20, 2010



Yes, you should all pass out with excitement. I finally have pictures to show you of the new house, a bit of moving, and our fuzzy child Jinx. There are also a couple of a dog we babysat-too bad he's not ours! Also, as if there were not enough pictures to satisfy your taste buds, there are also a few pics of the flood we had last Friday.



Living room.

Kitchen-yup, it needs some updates.

Dining room.

Back porch.

Side yard and shed.

Gunner-the cutie we babysat.

He kept sticking his tongue out at me!

He loves Tim.

My little Jinx.

She was sleepy!

I caught her in the middle of a yawn.

The back porch underwater!


Wow that was exhausting! Hope you had fun!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack!

Geez, it's been long enough. School has completely enveloped me the fast few weeks. I still have the rest of this week, then tests Mon/Tuesday and PINNING on Wednesday (Pinning=getting my RN pin, aka graduation basically). I will definitely post a picture of it when I get it. I can't believe it is already here! I don't think it will officially set in until I take my boards in June.

So I have found another TV show that I love: 9 by design. It comes on Bravo on Tuesday nights--I'm watching it right now actually!! They have 7 kids with the craziest names. I mean, one of them is named "Five" because he's the 5th kid. Love it. I am a fan of crazy names. I asked Tim if we could name our first child "One"...I don't really even need to finish the sentence. Lol. We have tons of fun names picked out for our future children though, just not that crazy. Anyways, the husband and wife redo houses in New York into these awesome vintage looking places. They go to flea markets in Paris and other places and pick up the neatest stuff. I can't wait to get to some flea markets and garage sales to start decorating this place! I need to pick out some paint colors first though and that is really hard!!

Tim. Where do I start. His job is NUTS! He has been working so much. I'm sure y'all are waiting for the day I post that he is NOT busy. Ha. That will be, like, when he retires. He is such a hard-worker by nature that he probably won't ever quit working. Ahh I love him.

I hope you guys can be happy with this post! I need to go get some sleep. I'm an old lady now who goes to bed at 10....ok only when I have to get up before 9 the next morning :)

Goonight friends! It's good to be back in the world again with you all!