Monday, February 22, 2010


It is muy frio outside. I am working on my Espanol. It is very importante in the ER because probably 40% of people coming in are spanish speaking only. I have been having a great time in clinicals which is good considering I am there 12-24 hours a week--It's too bad we aren't getting paid for those hours. So far I have seen more than I imagined and have learned more than I can imagine. I love how diverse the ER is and think it will really help me in the future because I will know quite a bit about almost any situation.

It's hard to think of anything to talk about other than school because it is pretty much consuming my life right now. I want to give everyone a big huge apology for the past month and for the next 3 because I will not be seeing you much. I am not ignoring anyone. It is hard to choose friends over my sweet husband when I finally get a night off because he seems just as busy, if not more. We were blessed to spend an entire day together this past Sunday. It was awesome. I am still so very much in love with this man I married. I was thinking the other day about how God picked us out for eachother when we were only creatures in our mother's stomaches and how He must have laughed every time we dated someone other than eachother.

Ok I have writers block.

Well, let us all pray for snow tomorrow so I don't have class.

Good evening!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh my.

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks.

I started clinical in the ER over at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa. I have to be there at 6:30 a.m. and get off at 7 p.m. Some weeks I will be over there Wednesday and Thursday, and some weeks just Friday. It is weird to leave the house while it's dark outside and drive home in the evening also in the dark. I have been able to see a lot of crazy/fun things over there and really really love being in the ER. I will get to stay there all semester long. Oh ya--I still have class--and it is challenging. We have a cardiac test coming up that'll be a doozie.

Tim's job has kept him extremely busy the last few weeks as well. We feel like we hardly see each other some nights, especially when I have clinical. We have just enough time to scarf down a meal together and say goodnight! He works most days from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Starting these 12-hour clinicals has really been an eye-opening experience for me and I now know just how exhausted he is when he gets home. It's rough. But hey, it is only a season!

My little baby kitty goes tomorrow to have some "female" surgery. I hope it helps to settle her down because she wakes me up a lot at night. Though I will feel sorry for her tomorrow night, I am looking forward to some post-op peace :) Poor thing.

Well we don't have too many plans in the upcoming weeks other than endless school and work/clinical. I am super excited to watch the Saints beat the Colts! I hope they win! They have never even been to the Super Bowl before so how cool would it be if they won?

I guess that is all I can think up to say in this post!

Have great weekends everyone!