Friday, January 3, 2014

Growing up with a Doberman

I often get odd looks when I'm out walking with a stroller and a dog who's head is as tall as the stroller. I'm sure we do look like a circus sometimes when the dog hits the brakes to sniff the weed I didn't see. I won't even begin to paint the picture of what it's like to take the dog to the vet . . . by myself . . . with the baby . . . Deciding to bring a baby into the world with a Doberman never crossed my mind until my mom told me my grandmother was concerned about the the combo. He did weigh 90 more pounds than her when we brought her home. You're concerned about that?!
So here I am ready to show you how bad life really is with a Doberman and a baby. They fight often. The Doberman is SO aggressive. This may not be suitable for your children to watch.

Don't listen to prejudiced ideas about this breed. He is one of a kind and more than family to us.

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